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Tribes and Nations Outreach is a cross-cultural missions organization active in the Philippines and Asia since 1985, founded and headed by Brother Joseph, a Filipino-Chinese missionary formerly with Open Doors Asia (from 1973 to 1983) and Founding Father of Jesus Is Alive Community (since 1975). With more than 25 years of experience in the mission field, TNO's ministry is simple yet proven very effective in producing quality church growth through the establishment of the Local Church-Based Training Center (LCBTC) and Food Always In the Home, or FAITH, Gardening with Natural Farming inside the local church.

The LCBTC is the factory that processes a Believer from an ordinary member into an effective discipled worker or cell leader, capable of producing new converts and making them grow spiritually within a small group setting.  Eventually, many of these cell leaders become equippers capable of leading a full-pledge church, and also of training others. 

And the addition of FAITH Gardening with Natural Farming, an organic and natural farming method that helps church workers to become self-sustaining, has further enhanced TNO to become a holistic ministry. 
Today, TNO's vision, mission and strategy are bringing transformational impact to many nations in Asia.

I.  Vision - to build the Body of Christ in Asia II. Mission Statements:   
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Local Church-Based Training Center (LCBTC)

LCBTC Icon The Local Church-Based Training Center empowers churches to become active in church-planting and do cross-cultural mission. Discover how it can help your church.

Mobile Training Force

MTT Icon The Mobile Training Force provides modular seminars at short notice anywhere in the mission field. See how you can be equipped.

FAITH Gardening with Natural Farming (FGNF)

FGNF IconFAITH Gardening with Natural Farming supplies families with organic food and empowers church-workers become self-reliant. Find out how it can benefit your church.

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